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Scientific Department of  Textile Chemistry and Products Modification performs scientific studies as well as R&D, implementation and commercial studies on:

  • New materials and technologies
    • textile micro- and nanotechnology, including bioactive materials for health care sector,
    • application of biotechnological processes in textile engineering,
    • research on textiles resistant to physical and biological factors  (UV, microorganisms, etc.),
    • electromagnetic field suppressing products,
    • new directions of research on the processing and modification of polymers,
    • melt-blow textiles based on biodegradable polyolefins and polymers and their composites with chitosan, activated carbon, etc. to be applied in environmental protection, engineering and medicine.
  •  Environmental protection
    •  environmental protection issues in the Polish textile industry – analysis and implementation of EU directives,
    • comprehensive processing of dyeing waste using membrane filtration, biological methods and advanced oxidization,
    • pro-environmental finishing technologies, including peroxide bleaching of cotton and linen products,
    • energy-efficient finishing process of textiles using "wet to wet" method and vacuum suction methods for textile dewatering.
  • Sustainable water and sewage management in textile industry – water and heat recovery technologies from textile wastes

Other activities:

  • colour determination and formulation,
  • training, expert reports, specialist counselling services on finishing technologies and environmental engineering,
  • standardization.



Head of the Department:

Lech Kos, PhD Eng 
phone (+4842) 61-63-111
fax     (+4842) 67-92-638


Contact persons:

Joanna Lewartowska, MSc Eng 

phone (+4842) 61-63-115

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