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Experimental Production Department

The Experimental Production Department has been established to implement the results of research work carried out by the R&D departments of the Textile Research Institute.  In cooperation with other research establishments, the Experimental Production Department has been working on a variety of research studies, research and development projects, as well as special projects. At Experimental Production Department new products are revised in terms of their fitness for manufacture under industrial conditions. 
The products designed by the Textile Research Institute have been applied in many branches of the domestic economy:
  • power industry (medium voltage cable tapes),
  • machine industry (fabrics used in V-belts, non-wovens used in oil and water emulsion filtration),
  • building industry (reconstruction fabrics – renovation of historic buildings),
  • food industry (filtration fabrics and non-wovens),
  • agriculture and horticulture (special mats for flower cultivation, non-woven agrotextiles)
  • road and bridge construction (concrete maintenance mats, geotextiles),


  • health care services (medical products manufactured with textile technologies),
  • public transport (non-wovens preventing fire spread, slow-burning fabrics).



With the modern machines and equipment, experienced and long serving employees as well as scientific and technological resources, the Department is in position to produce all kinds of fabrics out of textile raw materials.
Information regarding production capabilities is available on the sites of our Department.

We are looking forward to doing business with you.


Contact data:

Andrzej Majchrzak, MSc Eng
1/3 Brzezinska Str., 92-103 Lodz, Poland
phone (+4842) 61-63-240

Representative of the Director for Experimental Production


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